Pontoons, also known as side rails or side tubes, on an inflatable paddle board serve several important functions:

Stability: Pontoons provide added stability to the inflatable paddle board. They make the inflatable board wider when inflated, which increases its overall stability. This is especially beneficial for beginners who are just getting started with paddle boarding.

Buoyancy: The pontoons contribute to the buoyancy of the sup board. This helps the paddle board stay afloat even with the added weight of a rider. The buoyancy keeps the board stable and prevents the board from sinking.

Preventing Tipping: Pontoons make it more difficult for the inflatable sup board to tip over. This is particularly useful for riders who may be less experienced or for activities like yoga or fishing, where stability is crucial.

Safety: The added stability and buoyancy provided by the pontoons enhance safety, reducing the chances of falling off or capsizing. They are especially useful in rougher or choppier waters.

Weight Distribution: Pontoons distribute the weight of the rider and any gear more evenly across the board’s surface, preventing it from tilting or dipping excessively.

Versatility: Some paddle boards are designed with removable or adjustable pontoons. This allows the user to choose the level of stability and versatility they need for different activities. For example, you can remove the pontoons for more agility and speed, or add them for extra stability.

Assistance for Beginners: Pontoons are particularly helpful for beginners who are learning to balance on a paddle board. They offer a more forgiving platform, making it easier for novices to gain confidence and experience.

While pontoons offer numerous benefits, it’s important to note that they may affect the speed and performance of the paddle board. If you are an advanced paddle boarder looking for more speed and agility, you may prefer a board without pontoons. However, for those seeking stability and safety, especially for recreational activitites, inflatable stand up paddle boards with pontoons can be an excellent choice.

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