Comfortable Safe Portable crate backseat


This inflatable dogbox is made of extra strong drop-stitch material, which can be inflated and deflated in one minute. The crate can be folded into very small size, easy for storage. It also can be used in car, at home or outdoor. There is no metal or plastic material for the frame of the dog crate. The inflatable walls around offers “airbag” function for all-round impact protections at any time, no matter sudden brake or car accident. The inflatable walls are also soft enough to prevent car damage at the sametime. The drop-stitch material is waterproof and non-slip, easy for cleaning. Dural zip door is easy for dog entrance, and also can prevent dog to open it from inside. These tear-resistant nets around the inflatable dog crate can provide good ventilation and sight. There are strong metal clips and straps on the bottom of the dogbox to fix firmly on the car, which also can be changed to meet your cars’ need.  This inflatable dogbox is your best choice for dog traveling safely.

The followings options for your dogs.

Model Outside dimensions Inside dimensions
M W 70 x D 59 x H 71 cm W 60 x D 54 x H 66 cm
L W 100 x D 61 x H 71 cm W 90 x D 56 x H 66 cm