New design foldable kayak seat Aluminum


This Aluminum seat can be folded into much smaller size than all other metal seat, which is much more convenient to store and carry.
Widened armrest, height-increasing seat leg… all these new designs are to provide the anglers the most perfect experience.

When we see that anglers switch frequently between standing up and sitting down, the first thing comes to our mind, is to raise the height of the seat, so that anglers can switch much more easily.

This height is based on the height ratio between the footrest and the seat of hard kayak.

We consider this height ratio is the most reasonable.

The Angle of the backrest is adjusted by a sturdy ratchet, which makes the adjustment much easier.

The ratchets also can lock the backrest when the seat is folded, and keep the backrest not move when we take the seat to anywhere.

Turn on the ratchet switch, adjust the backrest to a comfortable position, turn off the ratchet switch, this is the whole adjustment process.

We want to make everything much more convenient.

Widened armrest design, flat and wide armrest will be more comfortable.

The new folding way makes the storage much simpler, and much smaller size after folded.