Innovative Removable rudder system


Patent pending.

To let the tail rudder fit perfectly with the inflatable kayak, we re-design the whole rudder system, and open our own mould. This brand new rudder system make the inflatable kayak much more flexible than any other kayaks in the market. At the same time, it is much more durable and easier to remove too.

With the innovative removement of rudder,the tail rudder can be removed within one second.

The individually reinforced structure makes the rudder enough sturdy and durable.

The tail rudder can be lifed or lowered whenever and wherever the using enviroment requires.

The control rope goes through a slide rail,which makes it much more effortless and smooth to lift or lower the rudder.

The tail rudder can be turned in a range of 170°, which offers the inflatable kayak a minimum turning radius.

Hundreds of tests have proved that, this rudder system makes inflatable kayaks much more flexible than hard kayaks in the market.

The control handle matches with our innovative foldable seat.

It can be switched left hand or right hand to control, according to the users’ habits.

The handle connects the seat with slide rail and safe lock, to form a solid whole, in the meantime, makes the handle can be removed within one second.